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Haley Travers

Director of Marketing
Haley Travers headshot

I was born and raised in West Seneca, NY, right outside the city of Buffalo. As a Buffalo native, I have so much love for my city. I take pride in living in a city of good neighbors with fantastic parks, food, and crazy Bills fans. I graduated from West Seneca West, Class of 2018. While in high school, I took part in the ‘Academy of Business and Finance’. Through this experience I learned a multitude of things that I still use today. I was able to learn aspects of running a small business, working at a bank or credit union, attended numerous networking events, and competed in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge. Which piqued my curiosity and passion for the world of finance, which I feel helped prepare me for working for an Investment Firm like Buffalo Financial. During my time with the Academy, I also became the assistant manager of Financial Trust Federal Credit Union’s branch located within my high school, which showed me the inner workings of a financial institution and taught me the importance of saving your money whether it be for college, a first home or even retirement.

My path afterward through my college years, was an interesting one, and not a direct straight line. Although my love for business was tremendous, I decided to enter college majoring in psychology. I have always felt my calling was to help others, and psychology seemed like the clear path for me. But as my college years progressed, I found myself questioning my path, not the end goal to help others, but the job and education I was to take to get there. Although uncertain, instead of changing the education piece of my puzzle, I chose instead to try and apply the core values and teachings I had gathered thus far and apply them to the business and marketing world rather than the strictly clinical and medical methods I thought certain. This change opened an entire new world of job opportunities. I began working at Buffalo Financial in September of 2021, and since then have used both my passion for psychology as well as my passion for business in my role as Director of Marketing. I truly love my job, and the blending of both fields I have been able to develop while here.

When not at the office, you can find me participating in a wide array of different hobbies and interests. I truly love nature and feel most at peace when outdoors, whether it be on a walk at one of my favorite local parks, or discovering a new hiking trail off the beaten path. I also have a strong love for music, art, interior design, and most of all animals. I am also a mother to three wonderful cats, Nova, Apollo, and Cosmo. And when you stop by the office may find me saving bees and wasps that have been found indoors or adding greenery and plants to my coworkers’ individual offices. I am engaged to my high school sweetheart and co-worker Tyler Sacco and am in the process of planning our upcoming wedding. I am an avid reader and although a lover of all genres, I am typically heavily entrenched in a science fiction book, coffee in hand!