Haley Travers

Administrative Assistant
Haley Travers headshot

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. My family has truly shaped me into the woman I am today. My parents had me very young, and I have experienced the struggles first hand of navigating teen parenthood. I truly believe this purview shaped my work ethic, and overall outlook on life. I was taught early on the importance of hard work, as well as the dedication it takes to create a life for yourself. It also granted me the benefit of a multi-generational upbringing, my parents needed help, which meant I had my great- grandparents in my life more than most my age. It gave me the advantage of learning the traditions and values they cherish, along with my parents. I was able to learn the value of a dollar and the importance of money management from my great grandmother who lived during the Great Depression. As a child my grandparents encouraged me to think analytically while also thinking creatively, and above all else, never giving up.

While I was in high school, my family inspired me to join the Academy of Business and Finance. I was able to gain knowledge and experience through this program. I competed in the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge, went to numerous networking events, and ended up loving the world of finance. I also became the assistant manager at Financial Trust Federal Credit Union’s branch located within my high school.

Although my love for business was tremendous, I decided to enter college majoring in psychology. I have always felt my calling was to help others, and psychology seemed like the clear path for me. That was until I learned I could combine my two passions and create a career in Financial Psychology. I am currently attending the University at Buffalo to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology while minoring in Economics. Becoming a Sales Assistant at Buffalo Financial while I complete my degree has been a truly incredible experience. The amount of knowledge and experience you gain by working and doing every day combined with my education is continually shaping my path.

When I’m not at the office, you can find me participating in a wide array of different hobbies and interests. I have a strong love for music, art, animals, plants, and spending time outdoors. I am also a mother to three wonderful cats, Nova, Apollo, and Cosmo. As well as a mother to my bearded dragon, Zeus, and many house plants. I am an avid reader and although a lover of all genres, I am typically heavily entrenched in a science fiction book, coffee in hand!